Custom Wine Accessories for Your Business

Improve the brand recognition of your winery with some wine accessories from Corkscrewed Designs. Based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we make promotional items such as corkscrews, clothing, cocktail napkins, coasters, and art prints. These are perfect for promoting your business and getting your name out there. We specialize in the wine business because we know what wine drinkers love.

Put Your Logo Out There

There is no better way to market your brand than having your company logo on your corkscrews. Whether someone is a collector of corkscrews or just a fan of keeping them around, your brand will become recognized all around. We also put your logo on hats, T-shirts, cocktail napkins, and coasters.

Make a Brand of Your Own

Personalize your wine merchandise with art prints of cartoon characters formatted on them. We let you choose a cartoon character to represent your brand. They are typically whimsical wine art pieces that come in various sizes. You can email us with your logo to have it put on your corkscrews, clothing, cocktail napkins, or coasters.

Merchandise Pricing

The price for our custom accessories depends on what you are getting and how much you want for your winery. We will discuss the price of your products during the time of purchase. Because we sell our wine accessories directly to you, you get the cost savings. Let us represent your winery or vineyard today; we look forward to working with you.

Pouring Wine